21-01-2018 by Freddie del Curatolo

Sunday brunch at Rosada Beach is a grand buffet

Every week a rich and elegant lunch in one of Malindi's special places

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It is already becoming a fixed appointment for many holidaymakers and residents of Malindi and beyond.
Sunday's brunch in the beautiful setting of Rosada Beach, the...

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High Court of Kenya suspend the night travel ban for PSV

Human Rights organization asked to remove the ban. Case will be heard on february 12th

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Only yesterday, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Paul Maringa, announced that within two weeks the government would withdraw the nightly ban on public transport on Kenya's roads.
In the evening...


Farewell to Shabbir, the kind taylor of Malindi

Sudden death of one of the most renown shop owners in town

19-01-2018 by Freddie del Curatolo

He left suddenly yesterday evening, before the usual prayer in the Mosque.
He was not at all old, although for more than thirty years he was one of the most famous local faces in Malindi, especially among foreign residents. 

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18-01-2018 by redazione


17-01-2018 by Ferdinanda Vigliani

The east coast of Africa. 
The boundaries of that linguistic and cultural unity known as Swahili culture range from Mogadishu in the north to Cape Delgado in Mozambique. 
A long coastline shared by a single language: the kiswahili, a mixture of Arabic and bantu, whose texts date back to the 12th century. 
But a strong visual element...

Malindi Airport, euro 35m paid to landowners

New land acquiring with compensation to enlarge the international airstrip

16-01-2018 by redazione

The expansion of Malindi International Airport marks another significant step towards its complete upgrading.
Yesterday Mohammed Swazuri, Director of the National Land Commission, Kenya's cadastral corporation, declared that he had compensated the owners of 25 acres of land in


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06-01-2018 by Freddie del Curatolo

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2017 ended as one of the most peaceful years and secure for Kenya and the coast has confirmed this trend.


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The other Malindi

A reportage showing the true and hidden face of the italian Malindi