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15-01-2019 by Leni Frau

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Africa saved my life

"...teach me every day how to grow"

13-01-2019 by Principe Myskin

It was a day in November.
The cold was biting on the outskirts, the car once again faced the main road and took me to the office.
Beside me, the world was running silent, gray and insensitive.
I already had the sky, the green in the heart of Africa.
The two holidays that I had done in February and in August they had changed me forever the soul.


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For the umpteenth time, also this year at the beginning of the season, malindikenya.net is forced to a warning that we would like to no longer have to do, but unfortunately we...

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Mal d'Afrique, by Freddie del Curatolo

15-07-2008 by Freddie del Curatolo

Imagine a space where sky does not dominate you, it runs through you;
where you don't breathe air, you taste it...

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