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A week of unity with the italian excellence of Malindi

Great End with Ambassador Pieri and medias

02-12-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

For eight days in Malindi we breathed an incredible air of unity, positivity and desire to find ourselves that, especially in this period of performance we had never seen.
We have seen the beauty of Italian abroad and, above all, we have laid a foundation stone on what Malindi can and will be able to give with the strength of our fellow countrymen who continue to bet on their activities in this town, because complaining perhaps relaxes the nerves and frees air from the lungs, but certainly does not serve anything and wait for someone in our place to do something is a prayer exercise that applies to those who believe in the afterlife of Africa.
So we at, ten restaurants, a handful of volunteers and an NGO supported by the Embassy of Italy in Kenya and the Institute of Culture have set up something that has made the press and national television talk about Malindi and our community, which has moved local and national politicians to ask for information and also possible important sponsors for future events.
All this was the World Week of Italian Cuisine, and we can add the gala evening on Saturday night at Kilili Baharini Resort in the presence of Ambassador Alberto Pieri with his sweetest wife, the live show coking of Casa Artusi chef Daniele Mami, who came specially from Italy and the presentation of the cookbook in Italian, English and for the first time Swahili. But we can also add the fireworks of the Olimpia Club on Sunday night for the closing (with our highest representative of the Government always taken nte), the Sunday buffet full as always of Osteria Beach, the full for the show of Freddie and Sbringo at Baby Marrow Thursday night, the beautiful playlists of Dj F (born Diego Fava, Piedmontese-Argentine chef of the Tangier Lounge), the Apulian passion of Aldo Menduni de La Malindina in the evening with specialties of his land, the enthusiasm and homemade and delicious cuisine of Antonella Braccini of Malaika Beach, the availability and dream location of Antonio Colleluori at Leopard Point for the opening day with the authorities, the elegance of Billionaire and his BBQ party on the beach of the marine park and the Italian aperitifs at the Bar Bar.
A week started with the promotional anticipation of Saturday 23 November when we set up a stand to let those passing through the shopping center Oasis Mall taste our specialties, with the external participation of the dairy MPL, the importer and retailer of Italian products Taste Italy (as well as the evening by invitation of Kilili we could show off the special wines of the importer RooM Wine Kenya) and NGO Karibuni Onlus, always alongside the Italians when it comes to do beautiful and useful things for the development of this place.
We are sure that if everyone had understood the goodness of our initiative, many others would have joined, as well as many other restaurants and activities have asked us when it was too late. Not to mention those who expect similar treatment from Watamu in the future.
As we have written, this is the first of many things that can be done together, because when you join, in addition to saving money, it is easier to have the external support of institutions and other sponsors.
Meanwhile, let's keep the beautiful images of this week and of this newfound unity that can convey the "Little Italy" of Kenya, often cited almost as if this were its limit or a flaw, as an excellence and an added value to complete the pleasure of a holiday.

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