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Luigi Corticelli, the guardian angel of many Kenya coast holiday makers

For years helping travelers at Mombasa airport, miss his professional job

08-02-2017 by redazione

The recent disruption of Istanbul, due to the snow in large international airport, the crossroads of thousands of destinations, reported the news, especially in Kenya, the importance of the figure of airport assistants, and representatives caposcalo charter airline or line, which they take care of the situation and the mental and physical imbalance of the passengers.
In Malindi and Watamu figure of caposcalo it is well represented by Luigi Corticelli, historic guardian angel of the tourists who disembarked and rimbarcavano in Mombasa. After having assisted in the hotel and during the safaris, it has been for over ten years fixed presence at Mombasa airport, in addition to helping them, pampered and with tickets in recent years.
Today that kind of job profile has been set aside, but with the return of tourism on the Kenyan coast and the numbers this season, you can speak of its usefulness.
Many people think, between Malindi hoteliers and other tourist areas frequented by Italians, it would be appropriate to go back to having an Italian caposcalo who knows and understands his or her fellow citizens and makes them feel the presence of the company.
Who better than Luigi can confirm this need.
"A caposcalo Italian Mombasa would be a benefit for all - confirms Corticelli - for the destination, the hotel and especially the airline, which is the first to be put on the grill, when there are problems that may not even depend from her" .
Arrived in Kenya in 1992, Corticelli in the following years was the first reassuring smile on arrival for the "guests", as it is wont to call them, and the last word of comfort and "goodbye" before departure. In addition to solving their problems that inevitably, although in very small percentages, occur, such as delays, baggage dislocation and other inconveniences often easily resolved.
"I lived for years this work as a passion - says the expert - definitely helped my former profession in Italy, a management consultant in transactional analysis and nonverbal communication, so used to dealing with" hot "situations in interpersonal relations. Being able to do something for someone to improve the psychological state. Managing anxiety of return, for example, is not a joke but there are ways that give excellent results. The role of caposcalo as I understand it, is a professional who makes attention, the ability to listen and support 24 hours 24 its strength. "
This Luigi Corticelli is facilitated not only by the character and disposition to good humor, a passion for Africa and the now absorbed tranquility that infuses the coast of Kenya.
Needless to say that Louis is ready to return to his post, with great experience and unwavering desire to help those who come on holiday in Kenya.

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