Alì "Sultan", the good example of Shela

His kiosk is the cleanest of the Malindi waterfront

17-06-2019 by Leni Frau

Alì Salim is the owner of the small, colorful kiosk "Sultan Shop" on the promenade of Malindi, in the Arab quarter of Shela.
This has...



Coca Cola to recycle plastic bottles in East Africa

3.8 billion shillings investments, creating jobs

10-06-2019 by redazione

The policy of recycling and disposing of plastics implemented by Rwanda, Kenya and now also Tanzania is also influencing the ...



In Kisumundogo was more than a simple clean-up

A very important day in Malindi neighborhood

09-06-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

The third monthly appointment with the malindian community to educate about cleanliness, recycling and the importance of ...



Saturday 8th the third Malindi Clean Up Day

Responsible residents from 8am in Kisumundogo

06-06-2019 by Leni Frau

Saturday, June 8th, the initiative of the group of responsible Malindi residents, with associations and civil society involved as


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In Mida the first Blue Economy project in Kenya

07-02-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

27-01-2019 by Leni Frau

24-01-2019 by Leni Frau

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02-01-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

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Banners everywhere to educate tourists and residents to respect and keep marine environment clean

KWS and Honorary Warden together, with italians help, will put even trash cans along beaches

08-12-2017 by Giovanna Grampa

Signs everywhere to educate tourists and residents to protect the marine environment, and bins to collect waste.
The awareness raising campaign for the respect and protection of marine biodiversity opens a new phase of collaboration between the Honorary Warden of Malindi and KWS, Kenya Wildlife Service. 


Kenya: plastic bottles banned in forests and parks

Starting from Nairobi National Park and Karura Forest

22-09-2017 by redazione

After the complete ban on polyethylene bags, Kenya's Ministry of the Environment is seriously considering banning plastic bottles throughout the country to protect the environment.
"It's a very long process - confirmed the combative minister Judy Wakhungu



Plastic ban: answers to the 10 FAQ

What to do in the first two weeks from the Kenya decision

30-08-2017 by redazione

As it was reasonable to think, in these days there have been dozens and dozens of emails, as well as posts in our FB pages, regarding explanations and questions about the ban on plastic bags that Kenya has applied since last Monday, August 28th.
We have put together the ten most frequently asked questions in this vade-mecum and, by consulting the NEMA website and the communiqués received, by clicking here and entering the article you will find the answers.


No water, Tsavo facing extinction in 15 years

Kenya conservationists warns counties: "act quickly"

22-07-2017 by redazione

The efforts made so far to ensure water to Tsavo National Park and its ecosystem may not be enough.
The closest savannah to the Kenya coast threatens to extinction in 15 years unless seriously created irrigation systems and new dams.
Natural water sources, Tsavo, Voi and Bur rivers are drying out, Jipe Lake, which was once permanent and now seasonal, has lost 10 meters of depth over the years.



Plastic roads, a possible future for Kenya

From India a real chance for recycling and building

14-06-2017 by Leni Frau

Kill two birds with one stone.
There will certainly be a similar saying in kiswahili to say that at times not only can they solve the problems, but maybe they solve two at the same time, with a common action.
This could happen in Kenya, while safeguarding the environment from the problem of plastic waste that increases year by year, and street maintenance, which is one of the causes of many accidents, including fatalities.



Kenya bans plastic bags from september 2017

Environment CS stops production, import and use of polethylene

15-03-2017 by redazione

From September 2017 no more plastic bags in Kenya.
Great news for environmental protection.
The African country continues to grow, has to deal with air pollution not only in Nairobi and Mombasa, but also with the environment, it pertained to the waste and the lack of a serious disposal service.



100 lions killed in Kenya every year

In the next 20 years the King could disappear

02-12-2016 by redazione

The figures presented by ICEA, Lion General Insurance Company at the Kenya Wildlife Service are clear, this year has reached the 100 mark lions killed in the bush of Kenya. 



The first "Bottle House" in Malindi is italian

House for kenians made of 10.000 plastic bottles

23-09-2016 by redazione

A house of 70 square meters built with 10,000 bottles and a little 'concrete in Malindi. The project, borrowed from similar ideas realized in Nigeria and Bolivia, is Italian opera Franceschi Oliviero The Bottle House in Malindi is located in the Mtangani and was donated to the family of an employee of Franceschi, who has eight children.
The cost of disposal was approximately € 4,000, necessitated especially for concrete parts, the roof of "mabati" and finishes such as doors and windows. Because the bottle, purchased by a company that occuoa the recovery of plastics for recycling purposes, have cost only 150 euro.



Malindi beach cleaning: a success

Many students and volunteers, few italians

20-09-2016 by redazione

It 'a story that is repeated every year: the international day of cleaning the beaches, to which Malindi participates thanks to the organization of the Kenya Wildlife Service at the headquarters of the Marine Park, participating in many students, many local volunteers and even some foreign, but very few Italian.
A serious and sad, if it is estimated that most of the activities and private homes that overlook the Silversand beach belong to our countrymen.



Today beach cleaning day in Malindi and Watamu

Who cares for our seashore join Kws and volunteers

17-09-2016 by redazione

This opportunity is offered by the World Day of cleaning the beaches, to which Kenya participates in the most beautiful places on the coast.
But actually to clean the beach of debris, plastic and other waste, it should be a habit to which all should participate at least once a month.
Hotels that overlook the sea should provide members of staff at least in their stretch of beach to ensure complete cleaning and askari any other activity should be monitored so that no litter jets, bags and other crap on the shore.



Cleaning Malindi can be a business

Meeting at the museum on how recycle plastic

22-08-2016 by redazione

Plastic recycling, public meeting at the Museum of Malindi.
Wednesday, August 24 to 16, Sam Ngumba Ngaruiya, owner and founder of the company "Regeneration Environmental Services" will hold a public meeting at the Cultural Center of the Malindi Museum "Plastic and more plastic - what you can do with it, and the effect on our environment. "
A native of Nairobi, Sam moved to Dallas in Texas where he developed and acquired experience as an entrepreneur and international business managers.



Kenya plants 20 millions new trees

An important step against deforestation

27-04-2016 by redazione

The Government of Kenya has decided to plant 20 million new trees to combat deforestation.
The forest resources of the country has suffered serious damage, especially from 1970 to 1990, mainly due to the production of wood and charcoal.
The destruction of forests still represents a very serious problem. More than 8% of the 30 thousand square kilometers of Kenya's tree cover has been lost from 2001 to 2014.


Help! They're eating ground at Sabaki River

Petition to stop the excavations to take the sand

03-04-2016 by redazione

Trucks that come and go at any time of day or night, along dirt roads but widened and leveled specifically for them to pass, that sawing in two peaceful villages of huts and some houses in masonry.
The scenery of the banks of the Sabaki River, a few kilometers from Malindi and its natural estuary, has always been one of the scenic beauties of this part of the coast.



With Karibuni for reforestation of Mida Creek

Italian Onlus to protect mangrove environment in Watamu

24-09-2015 by Hilary Mazzon

Sunday, September 20, Karibuni Onlus three Rotaract Club (Malindi, Watamu and Mombasa) participated in the reforestation of the Mida Creek mangrove forest (Kenya). The project was funded by the Rotaract Club of Canterbury, thanks to the super active president Carlotta Molteni.
They call them "sea roots" and there may not be a more beautiful, as well as real.
Mangroves are really at the base of different ecological functions, ranging from a human economic perspective to the conservation of environmental biodiversity, flora and fauna.Le more "physical" functions are the prevention from the storms, the reduction of the turbidity of the water and of 'coastal erosion, as well as the absorption and transformation of nutrients.



Slowfood Kenya new protection

Pumpkin, yogurt, nettles and other products to defense

05-03-2015 by redazione

Have you ever heard of the Lare Pumpkin?
And Mau Forest nettles?
And Molo Baby Chicken, the Red River Nzoia salt, Ogiek honey and the West Pokot yoghurt made with ash?

23-11-2014 by redazione


Agama, reptile with colors changing with the mood

In this time on Kenyan coast orange and blue are more bright

25-07-2009 by redazione

Mood in Kenya is really an essential component of life and not just for man, who often finds "sense of peace" or the meaning of his earthly path. Science now tells us that some animals can completely change the features according to how they feel inside.
This is the case of Agama, that particular and wonderful lizard that we are used to to admire even on the Kenyan coast, especially when it starts to be very hot.