Sergio, basketball and smiles from Italy to Samburu

A former player and his passionate project in Kenya

14-06-2019 by Sergio Mazza continues its presentation of Italians who have chosen to devote part of their time directly to the Kenyan population. Each ...


The joy of Giorgia for Maralal children

Alone, the italian girl created a project for street boys

01-06-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

Giorgia Zanin is one of the many examples of how active and conscious volunteering can give rise to a serious and well-structured project, but...


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Malindi Talent Music Festival: video of the song AMANI NA ELIMU

Asante Sana Children's Home Choir directed by Maestro Paolo Belloli

20-08-2018 by redazione

Here's the video of the song "Amani na elimu" (Peace and education) written by Freddie del Curatolo and Marco Bigi, performed by Asante Sana Children's Home Choir directed by Maestro Paolo Belloli, during Malindi Talent Music Festival in Malindi, at Shala Heart.


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Carolina, helping kenians to help each others is pure joy

One month as volunteer for Karibuni NGO: "change your world and make their life improving"

04-12-2017 by Leni Frau

When the first approach of life with Africa is a plunge into the everyday life of its people, in sharing and cultural exchange, it can only remain inside.
It will almost always be the basis of a deep bond with this reality so different from that in which we were born and grew up, but so full of hope and positivity, despite the ancestral poverty, problems and contradictions.  



Stop new Children Charitable Istitutions in Kenya

No more registration by the government to orfanages

10-11-2017 by redazione

No more orphanages in Kenya.
The decision comes from the Minister of the East African Community, Labour and Social Protection of Kenya, Phyllis Kandie.
In an official document...


Two italian onlus united to feed children in Kenya

Watoto Kenya and Karibuni NGO create a "feeding net" in Malindi inland

05-11-2017 by Hilary Mazzon

The union is good, just like feeding for children.
When two Italian realities that are well known in Kenya for their solidarity projects never end in themselves and get together and collaborate, excellent prospects for the local population are born.


Famine in Kenya, NGO Karibuni distribute food

From Langobaya farm, maize and vegetables for free

06-08-2017 by redazione

Hard times for families in the Malindi hinterland, as in many other areas of Kenya, arisen from the prolonged drought and scourge by the rise in subsistence food prices.
Last Saturday, an initiative of solidarity came from the farm of the Italian NGO Karibuni in Langobaya, involving more than four hundred people.
The local community along with Karibuni selected the poorest people and families in need and distributed free corn and vegetables produced in NGO camps and greenhouses.



Two motoambulance from Karibuni NGO in Malindi sub-county

In Mambrui and Baolala, to go also in remote areas

05-07-2017 by redazione

After the one donated a few months ago to the Gede Hospital, two other motorbikes donated by the Italian Karibuni NGO, thanks to the important contribution of Italian and private associations to help the health facilities of the Kenya coast.
The first of the two motorbikes was donated by Rotaract Como and was assigned to the Baolala village dispensary near Langobaya.



Washing absorbents from italians to the Kilifi inland girls

Africa Milele Onlus handle a project with local communities

29-04-2017 by redazione

A project that combines women's support with the protection of the environment in the inland of Kilifi and Malindi.
The Italian association Africa Milele, which can count on a growing number of volunteer enthusiasts and is mainly active in Chakama, on the road to the Tsavo National Park, is carrying out a project of donated re-washable absorbents for female students and girls, Inside the coast, in collaboration with "Little dresses for Africa".
Last Tuesday the stage at Ganze, twenty kilometers from Kilifi.



A nursery for tribal integration in Baolala

Italian NGO Karibuni to keep giriama and masai pupils together

04-04-2017 by Leni Frau

A Giriama girl smiling at a small companion of games of the tribe Masai, is the most beautiful image of racial integration in Kenya, at the dawn of the campaign for the upcoming national elections.
We are in Baolala in the far hinterland of Malindi. 



Italians help malindi inland village hit by drought

With Knights of Malta food and water to 1600 kenians

25-03-2017 by redazione

The solidarity chain started from Kenyan Embassy of the Order of the Knights of Malta and also promoted through our site, with the complicity of compatriot Rita Valentini, has arrived at the desired result, to bring a water tank and a truck containing 6,700 kg of maize flour, 2,600 kg of beans, oil, sugar and salt in the hamlets in malindino particularly affected by drought.



Second hand things collection to help women in Malindi

East African Woman League sell them to raise funds

23-02-2017 by redazione

If you live in Malindi area, or you stay there for long periods, maybe you'll even have second hand clothes or other objects that you may do without.
From an old middle-operated appliance to household utensils, or toys and bedding.
Anything can become an opportunity to help the headquarters of the East African Woman Malindi League (EAWL) who for years spends himself in favor of needy women and girls in the area.



In the fantastic Langobaya Farm of Karibuni NGO

Ecosustainable italian project for self-reliance of kenian people

20-02-2017 by Freddie del Curatolo

Italians in Kenya have done many good works.
There is so much solidarity with the Kenyan people and the social projects abound.
What comes from the heart, the generosity and the inability to turn his eyes on the other side is always commendable, even if between words and deeds there are half of so many obstacles.
The Africa adapt, to understand the problems of this country, immerse themselves in a completely different reality, get to give continuity to the projects.
After so many years one of the best non-profit organization rooted on the coast of Kenya, has completed a virtuous process for which has become a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and has been able to concentrate (after working so much in the field of education and health, in the field which continues to help) on a draft environmental-sustainability and self-reliance, increasing whole-conscious community.



A school in the inland thanks to a Bolzano couple

In 4 years from a mud hut to a real building

13-01-2017 by redazione

Can a single pair willing to create educational foundations for entire communities of remote villages of Africa?
Carmen and Celestino, pensioners of Bolzano, have always thought it was possible, and they succeeded.



Fundraising for the wife of the late Prezioso

Fatuma is fighting against a bad illness but we can save her

11-01-2017 by redazione

Fatuma second name is called Freedom, freedom, and that is who dreams of being a little 'free to decide his life. Many Italians in Malindi, especially the historical residents and those attending this corner of Kenya for many years, have met Fatuma as the wife of a famous Italian, Vincenzo Prezioso.



A Tank by 5000 litres for Muyeye Hospital

Helping hand by a generous italian donor

12-12-2016 by Giovanna Grampa

While throughout Kenya continues to spread the strike of the doctors who is undermining the already tried the public health system, in Malindi and surroundings there are more Italian with a big heart who make themselves available to address what may seem to our Western eyes small emergencies, but here are long-standing problems with which sorely community coexists.


A new dispensary on the Mida Creek Island

Another dream come true in Kadaina thanks to italians

15-11-2016 by Hilary Mazzon

The Italian Solidarity for the "lonely" island of the Mida Creek does not stop.
After the splendid school created by Marafiki Onlus now the island of Kadaina also has a small hospital, thanks to the association "Pediatrics for emergency".



A nursery in Langobaya thanks to Karibuni Onlus

A new school for 80 pupils, with the donation of an italian couple

08-11-2016 by redazione

The social work of Karibuni Onlus in the Malindi inland never stops, thanks to the generosity of the Italians.
The new "Tiziana Nursery School" in Langobaya was delivered yesterday to the local authorities.



From Treviglio new funds for Asante Sana Mambrui

Raised for the toilette doors of the Children Centre

31-10-2016 by redazione

New aid from the town of Treviglio for the Children Centre in Mambrui "Asante Sana" directed by Piera Nails. After the successful harvest of last May, thanks to Freddie concert Curatolo, 


Malindi Marathon, raising funds for Rotary

Women racing, Sofia Palmitessa wins

19-09-2016 by Leni Frau

In the end the important thing was to raise funds for the fight against polio, a disease that in Italy not even remember but Kenya still reaps victims and damages the lives of so many children in an irreversible manner.



Today starts the sixth Malindi Marathon Edition

Running in Kenya to help Rotary Club Malindi

18-09-2016 by redazione

Is staged today, Sunday, September 18, the sixth edition of the Malindi International Marathon, organized by the local Rotary Club.
It is an official and competitive race, registered in the group of international marathons, which requires an enrollment of Kshs. 1000 (approximately EUR 8) and half for children.


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We want help Susan and her brother

Fatherless children, good students, mother with mental disease

04-02-2011 by Leni Frau

The story of Susan Gaita, a fifteen years old girl of Pokomo ethnic group, is a common story unfortunately happens to many young people of the district of Malindi, but she has something more: it is very good at school and this could save her.
She lost her father, elected best student of the Central Primary School, wanted to enroll in high school, some of his good results.


03-11-2010 by Freddie del Curatolo

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