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Leleshwa reserve, kenyan wine is growing

We taste for you the Sauvignon Blanc 2019

22-10-2019 by Freddie del Curatolo

Kenyan wine is growing in quality and opens up horizons to those who want to invest in the vine in a...



The turmeric fantastic properties

The "magic powder" you should not avoid

29-09-2019 by redazione

It's an original spice of the Indian sub-continent, present on the African coast of the Indian Ocean as...



Gooseberry, the Galana one is special

A fruit not rare even in Kenya coast

04-09-2019 by Leni Frau

We at Malindikenya,net have recently seen them peel and eat at some women's revolutions along the...



In Kenya it's cassava time

Five reasons why is better than potatoes

26-07-2019 by Leni Frau

In the markets and on the edges of many roads in Kenya you can see the sellers (yes, usually...



Star Fruit, why can save your life

Many doctors are using it instead of chemioterapy

18-06-2019 by redazione

The Star Fruit, as it is called in English-speaking countries such as Kenya, in Italy it is little known by the name of Carambola, which comes from its plant, the Averrhoa Carambola.


10 food products to make business in Kenya

Not only fruits and coffee: see what you can export

07-05-2019 by Leni Frau

Kenya is for most of its extension a fertile and rich land, where it grows more or less of everything. 
Compared to...


26-10-2018 by redazione

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05-06-2018 by redazione


Papaia, the protective fruit

In Kenya has been used as depurative, laxative and digestive

07-12-2017 by redazione

In Kenya they call it the fruit that protects it, but the properties of the papaya are many and not only limited to its emollient and anti-ushion properties on the body, or to the digestive, purifying and laxative properties if you taste it particularly in the morning.
The papaya (or papaya) originates from a plant native to South America but now widely spread ...



Fruit or vegetable? For sure avocado is healthy!

Energy, protection, good cholesterol, try oy in the "kenian salad"

29-11-2017 by redazione

An ancient Swahili legend tells us that before the arrival of the Portuguese, the indigenous people of the Kenyan coast did not eat avocado but used only oil, because they considered it neither fruit nor vegetables.


Autumn is for mushrooms, even Kenya is full

Do you know "obukufuma"? Slow Food Foundation wants to protect it

24-10-2017 by Leni Frau

Autumn, mushroom time.
This is what the Italian gastronomic tradition reminds us of, linked to what the land can still give us.
But also in Kenya there are good and edible mushrooms, some of them rare and precious.



Kiwano, the refreshing horned melon

You can find in Kenya and is a good help against heat

17-10-2017 by redazione

Perhaps that cucumber aftertaste for a moment can leave you distracted, but in its sweet-and-sour bouquet you can also hear files, passions and bananas. We are talking about Kiwano, also called "horned melon". 


The many qualities of jackfruit

In Kenya, it is considered the optimal fruit for children's growth

23-09-2017 by redazione

In Kenya, there are many fruits that those living in Europe have had the opportunity to see, and even less to taste.
Alongside the most well-known ones, such as mango and pineapple, there are also strange fruits that we would not even believe edible and instead have important properties.



Cardamom, a natural antidepressive

Also digestive and help to lose weight

13-09-2017 by redazione

Cardamom is a spice known since the days of the Greeks and Romans, who used it to produce perfumes, and is currently known as the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla.
That findable on the Kenyan coast comes mainly from Tanzania, a major producer in competition with the East.
The fruits are small oval cardamom pods (capsules) of about 1 cm long, pale green containing many small seeds brown-colored seeds nero.I are usually ground up and used as a spice, but because they quickly lose their aroma are marketed the whole dried pods.



Baobab, the big tree anticancer

Fruits are a reserve of vitamines

11-06-2017 by redazione

The world begins to discover the amazing properties of the African tree par excellence, the baobab.
The thousand-year-old plant, as they call it on the Black Continent, the one that the Lord wanted to punish for too narcissism, dropping it so that the roots were up and the branches beneath the ground, today knows the fame for the goodness of its fruits.
From baobab seeds, essential oils are used to cure skin and prevent inflammation and skin cancers, while high herbal teas are now available and, if taken regularly, are one of the best preventative treatments to prevent cancer.



Cumin, digestive and cleaner spice

Healty help for mind and body

23-04-2017 by redazione

Cumin is one of the most popular spices in the world and grows on all continents.
It comes from a herbaceous plant (Cuminium cyminum) with long, even 10 cm long leaves, combed, which has very ancient origins.
The cumin seeds are pretty much like those of fennel or anise.

Bracing benefits of tamarind fruit

Refreshing drink, the meat is a cure for reumatism

18-02-2017 by redazione

Kenya is increasingly ideal tamarind environment, present in the Swahili coast since it was brought and planted by India, a thousand years ago.
The Tamarindus Indica is a majestic evergreen, long life, belonging to the legume family.



Okra, detox vegetables good for cure diabethes

Very popular in Kenya, used also as a medicine

12-01-2017 by Leni Frau

Often on the stalls of the local markets of the coast of Kenya find a variety of vegetables that may look like small zucchini, but then if you see it up close, with its grooves and shape slightly elongated, understand that it is something else.



Fruits and spices, wonder of this land

Flavors, aromas, exotic, sweetness and health

14-12-2014 by redazione

There' no use in denying it, the fruits of Kenya are one of the great pleasures of this land.
It is not in fact easy to find in nature delights of the palate which are also beneficial for our body and for the body.
Of course, like all things that are good, you have to make a conscious use and finding the right ones for each one, which combine the pleasure of taste and smell, the digestibility (which varies from stomach ache) and needs, tolerability or not.
Since the days of the first landings on the coast of Kenya, this was also one of the spice kingdoms.
Once they were even more precious because they served to store food, like salt.
Today many of the spices we use in Malindi and surroundings, unfortunately coming from the east, but the kitchen does not swahili can do without.
Fruits and spices, we learn about the many varieties available, the infinite possibilities of use in the kitchen and their amazing health benefits.

16-11-2012 by redazione

Graviola, a fruit for healthness

Many uses of the kenyan "dawa tamu" (sweet medicine)

11-09-2012 by redazione

You can find it in local markets, or see it bend the branches of the plant on which it matures, the Annona muricata.
It may seem difficult to you with its spines and huge (a single fruit can reach 2 kg of weight)...

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