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Kenyan passport become electronic

From 1st september new way to obtain it

18-08-2017 by redazione

Electronic Passport from 1 September for Kenyan citizens.
The Kenya Immigration Office has announced that at the end of this month it will no longer be possible to apply for a passport valid for expatriation with the methods used to date.
However, documents with expiration beyond 1 September 2017 and valid until 2019 will still be usable, but who has started the practice and has not yet received the passport will have to comply with the entry into force of the e-passport.
"The e-passport will be produced telematic - said Nairobi Gordon Kihalangwa, Director of Immigration Office on his Twitter account - and will have a chip that will contain all the details of the holder who will have to match the information on the booklet."
From September 1st, therefore, anyone who wants to apply for a new passport will have to appear personally at the Immigration Office to photograph and leave his fingerprints. "

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