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Spanish and english advisors: 5 months to make a revolution

12-10-2016 by Freddie del Curatolo

We met with the experts of THR - Innovative Tourism Advisors, the Spanish company appointed by the Government to revolutionize the promotion of tourism in Kenya and to "transform" the Kenya Tourist Board in a competitive entity, in step with the most advanced countries of the world and be able to relaunch the sector in their country.
THR is the official adviser to the Spanish Government and works with other 74 states of the world.
"We have five months to draw up a detailed report on what to do, to change and how to do it," explains the Senior Advisor of the company, Roger Jones, English moved to Mallorca and accomplice to the success of tourism in the Balearics.
The key word is "focus." "The tourist of today has no time for further research on the ideal place for vacation - attacks Jones - advertising must explain the unique features of a place or predominant. For Kenya: Masai Mara has nothing but bush, animals and great migration, and offers luxury and services. Nairobi has the business and increases in quality, Lamu history and dive back in time. Malindi and Watamu rather make the mistake of wanting to be everything, without having excellence. This is because Kenyans first and foremost They are not used to focus on the predominant characteristics, but also because of mass tourism ". Jones is openly against tour operators and charter flights. "And 'an ancient logic and losing - he explains - if entrepreneurs County Kilifi want the international airport to bring here the charter, did not understand anything about how tourism is evolving and will still have a short life, without doing good community. It 'hub of Nairobi and its development that we must rely, on scheduled flights and on intensification of internal flights and other African capitals, as well as on a level tourism. But to do that you have to improve their services and infrastructure. "
Jones has identified one of the evils that beset Malindi, his priority. "Malindi is dirty, is decadent - says he is convinced - tourism that counts, the one that brings revenue and induced wants to see clean, order. It 'a first step to feeling comfortable, even when there is the unbridled luxury, which in Africa is not easy to meet. Instead of creating associations to defend their interests and promote thinking more today and its gardens, the Malindi investors should join associations which they shall keep the beaches clean and the city in fair condition . If you think of having to wait for this local institutions, they may wait forever. " Jones did not come to dispense caresses nor its principals, nor the tourism of the coast. "Here before you think about building, we should demolish dilapidated structures, obsolete or closed too long - he explains, citing the Silversand beach - ask the government to do it, why not? And before you rebuild, to think about the environmental redevelopment. you must not occupy any square meter waterfront, to work more or better. They serve nice facilities, elegant ".
Jones has other recipes and has already identified additional corrective and priorities of Malindi and Watamu. "But these I keep them for me - an effort on - the present in the report on Kenya that will be delivered to the Minister of Tourism in five months, at the end of our research."
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