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2017 special year for Space Center of Malindi

Italian Ambassador in Ngomeni for new projects

26-01-2017 by redazione

The recent renewal of the cooperation between Italy and Kenya to the Space Center "Luigi Broglio" of Ngomeni, north of Malindi, will bring new projects in this 2017, particularly important year as it marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first launch of a satellite from Kenya.
Also for this reason, and for the presence of the Italian Space Agency delegation headed by President Roberto Battiston, yesterday arrived in Malindi the Italian Ambassador to Kenya Mauro Massoni, the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Kenya, Kirimi Kaberia.
They were discussed technical and operational details for the final ratification of the agreement by the two parliaments.
"The 2017 is a particularly important year for the revival of the scientific collaboration between Italy and Kenya, a partnership that will certainly open new perspectives for this country and for the whole area in the space applications sector", said President of ASI at the end of the working session held at the space center.
This year the Luigi Broglio Space Center will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the San Marco 2, the first Italian satellite launched by a Scout rocket from the base of Malindi on April 26, 1967. Also in 2017, Kenya will orbit 1KUNS (1st University nanosatellite Precursor Flight) the first small satellite developed by an African country, selected by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and the Office of Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations (UNOOSA), which will benefit from the launch opportunities from the Japanese module "Kibo" the Space Station international (ISS), as part of the program called KiboCube.
"The cooperation on space applications is very important - he added Battiston - The benefits and impacts will have very great potential for sustainable development and spread of the African continent and Kenya in particular." The new agreement provides for five implementing protocols: support the Kenyan National Space Agency; Establishment of a regional center for earth observation; access to Earth observation data and scientific information, to education and training activities; Telemedicine.
The new agreement provides for cooperation between the two parties will develop on an equal footing, both the terms of responsibilities and duties: a Joint Management Committee will be responsible for basic tasks with supervision and verification; the Joint Steering Committee, however, will be responsible for the implementation of the agreement with the duty of guiding, monitoring and planning. Italy and Kenya are committed also to encourage on-site recruitment of specialized professionals, in addition to training highly skilled technical personnel in both countries.

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