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Farewell Andrea, the noble florentine in Malindi

Corsi lived in Malindi since years, dead at 73

10-01-2020 by Freddie del Curatolo

So noble in caring for himself, in walking and in the scurvy and never crude language he used, yet so simple, spontaneous, helpful and generous as a person in approaching anyone.
We will remember Andrea Corsi, who passed away yesterday after a brief and implacable illness, as the model pensioner of those we would like to have in Malindi.
Always in tune with Kenyans and fellow countrymen, positive in enjoying the wonders of this land, be it the beach and the ocean or the fruits and food, never grumpy or whining. Today, certain attitudes and predispositions of the human soul appear more and more as compliments or additional elements of character that should be "standard", adjectives such as "polite", "kind", "posed". 
Andrea was like that, never over the top, even after his traditional campari sprayed white or in the classic bar discussions.
He was an affirmed surveyor for many years in Florence, with his own studio, junior judo champion and tennis lover, when he retired he decided to quit everything and move to Malindi.
Here he hadn't abandoned the habits that distinguished him from the so-called "toscanacci": always impeccable in clothing, elegant even when he dressed African at parties at the home of local friends, always shaved and perfumed. But above all, always smiling and lovable when he met you and stopped for a chat. Not to mention when he used to cook an excellent meat sauce and then distribute it among his peers in the bar. Volunteer exiled friends like him, who were close to him until the last moment and advised him to take the last plane of a now vain hope for Italy. He left at 73 years old in his Florence, but his heart to the last beat was an African drum. As Fabrizio De Andrè, your favourite poet, sang: "it was better to leave us than never to have met".

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