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Expelled from Kenya for calling a woman "monkey",

In 24 hours the decision against one expatriate

08-10-2019 by redazione

In Nairobi an episode of racism in a shopping centre created a diplomatic case between the International Red Cross and the Office of the President of the Republic, causing the immediate expulsion of a foreigner from the country.
A European employee of the International Red Cross was expelled from Kenya after being accused by several witnesses of insulting the askers of the Lavington Mall and of calling a "monkey" a attendant who was trying to bring him to his senses.
The incident occurred two days ago. The man, whose details were not disclosed but whose photographs were taken showing him as a white adult in his forties, after visiting the mall was approached by security staff who warned the driver that he would have to pay 50 shillings (less than 50 euro cents) for parking.
According to sources inside the shopping centre, which is guarded by the "SecurKenya" Group, the foreigner was already in the car and was driving towards the exit where he inserted his card into the validation machine.
"The card was rejected because it had not paid the parking fee," said a witness.
The man would give in escandescence, insulting in English the staff and addressing the woman arrived apostrophizing her with the epithet "fucking monkey" (fucking monkey).
Some people had time to film the scene and even the insults on their mobile phones and even the Lavington Mall's CCTV cameras filmed it all.
Among the people who first received the video of the incident was one of the collaborators of President Kenyatta, Dennis Itumbi, who posted it on his social pages, asking to investigate the generality of the "mzungu".
After the certainty that he was an employee of the Red Cross, the organization's investigation of his employee began and after a few hours, Monday evening, came confirmation that he was actually an employee.
"We have decided to interrupt on the fly the assignment of the employee who tomorrow (today, Tuesday, October 8) will leave the country forever - said Anne Kilimo, Communications Officer of the International Red Cross - what he has done has no excuses and should serve as a lesson to all.
At the same time, the government and public opinion received an apology from the Health Organization, while the media and social media have been calling for the expulsion and severe punishment of all forms of racism in Kenya. The man now, in addition to the transfer, also risks the termination of his employment contract. "It is unthinkable for an international organization dedicated to helping its neighbor to have such a person in its ranks, anywhere in the world," is the general comment of public opinion.

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