Census Kenya: advice for italians

Notice by Italian Embassy in Nairobi

23-08-2019 by Ambasciata d'Italia a Nairobi

The Italian Embassy in Nairobi informs that from next August 24th, around 6 p.m., the sixth census...


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05-03-2018 by Consolato Onorario Malindi

14-12-2017 by Ambasciata d'Italia in Kenya

22-09-2017 by Uhuru Kenyatta


Kenya: from Govt Kshs. 9 bn for education

Important funds for primary and secondary school

31-08-2017 by redazione

The first economic move of the new Kenyan government is for the school.
Both the obligation and the higher obligation.
The Primary School, which are elementary and middle school together according to...



Message of Minister Alfano to italians abroad

In the Marcinelle's anniversary celebration day

08-08-2017 by Ambasciata d'Italia in Kenya

Today, August 8, is celebrated the "Day of Sacrifice of Italian Work in the World", set up in the recurrence of Marcinelle's mining tragedy of 1956, for the recognition and valorisation of labor and sacrifice of emigrant compatriots.
In order to commemorate this occasion, the Honorable Minister has sent a message to the fellow countrymen abroad, which is worded as follows:



Italian pensionates will have the 14th month

Even in Kenya INPS will send around ? 437

22-06-2017 by Marco Fedi e Fabio Porta

Between a few days, in July, thousands of pensioners residing abroad will receive the INPS pension plus the Fourteenth month.
We recall that this is not a "deserved" right, but the result of a certain battle conducted by unions, patronage, emigration associations and parliamentarians elected in the Estonian Circumstance, who, when it was introduced, Pensioners resident abroad were among those entitled.
It is a merit that has been proudly claimed (although there are so many things we wanted to do and we did not do) and that it is in legitimate and concrete interests. But let's see who is entitled to 14th and what it is.


27-05-2017 by Consolato Onorario d'Italia Malindi

News in terms of seniority pensions for italian women.
INPS has issued a new release from the opportunity to those who have reached the age of fifty-five and have 35 contributions to be able to access their pension immediately.
The extension also applies to Italian women resident abroad, and therefore also to Kenya.


Problems for residents with turtle shells or other animal relics,

KWS stopped the selfdeclarations, now they will be persecuted by law

04-02-2017 by redazione

Six months ago (read here) had responded to the call of Honorary Warden of Malindi and Watamu (the Italian and local residents that help the Kenya Wildlife Service to protect nature and animals, to enforce the rules and disseminate the right information): the detention in carapaces homes and other relics of animals is punishable under criminal law, with heavy fines or, as in the case of animal skins, with the arrest of the owner of the residence or of any tenant.



Lunch and concert for italian Comites in Mombasa

Saturday 12 november at La Veranda Restaurant

05-11-2016 by redazione

A lunch with music to meet among Italians in Kenya, organized by Comites, the Committee of Italians Abroad (consultative organ of the Italian Embassy in Kenya).



You have to denounce the particular objects in your possession

Honoray Wardens will help you

15-09-2016 by Adriano Ghirardello

Dear editors of
I would like to refer to your article, published a few weeks ago, in which he reminded the Italians of the existence of precise laws regarding trophies, corals, shells and anything else.
I feel obliged, as Honorary Warden, to clarify especially now that I have met the new Senior Warden of the Marine Park, Mrs. Jane Gitau, recently met.



New Consular Corrispondent in Watamu

Italian Embassy in Nairobi choose Marco Cavalli

10-09-2016 by redazione

Marco Cavalli, forty-five years old piedmont born of Alexandria, is the new Italian Consular Correspondent in Watamu.
He has made it known officially the Italian Embassy in Nairobi.
Referring to the Honorary Consulate of Italy in Malindi, Horses go-between between the compatriots stationed in Watamu and Malindi office.


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The Commission office Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) for the North Coast of Kenya inaugurate the office in Malindi.
It was the Deputy Director General of the Commission, Michael Mubea, to formally open the seat, after a week of awareness in Kilifi, with the institutions of the County.
Also present were the Governor of the Kilifi county, Amason Kingi and the Tana River Hussein Dado.
Mubea has called on residents to cooperate with the County EACC in the fight against corruption.


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