The import and retail sale of quality Italian products in Malindi and throughout Kenya is enriched by Vinyasa's new proposals.
The company, with thirty years' experience in selecting only quality products and from companies that represent the history of Italian food in the world, also focuses on value for money, which in Vinyasa's case is exalted to the highest possible level for a country like Kenya, where the company has decided to focus, dedicating its efforts to satisfying the needs not only of hotels and restaurants, but also that of customers who can find the best of Italian products at the best possible price, especially compared to large and small local retailers.
Vinyasa can afford its pricing policy, and the minimum mark-up on food, thanks to the fact that it is a direct importer and has many exclusive brands and labels for Kenya and East Africa.
In the renovated and large space in front of the Malindi airport, Vinyasa showcases its specialities: top-quality extra virgin olive oil at super competitive prices, home-made wines with a good choice of whites, reds and bubbles, top-quality pasta, pickles and vegetables, and much more. Speaking of quality, among others, Vinyasa has signed an exclusive contract for Kenya to distribute the products of the prized 'Cipriani' brand, and more.