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Kenya Counties: no funds to cure new patients

Percentages still under five but a new alarm

18-09-2020 by redazione

While in Kenya the pandemic curve continues its course of flattening, a warning is coming from the county governors to obtain new funding for treatment for any new infected. The Chairman of the County Governor's Council, Wycliffe Oparanya, has issued a statement denouncing the situation in many of the counties due to a lack of funds. We risk having to close our hospitals," said Oparanya, "the wards will not be able to afford new patient admissions, they will only be able to provide essential services. The alarm was raised on the day when the Ministry of Health registered 183 positive cases of Covid-19, out of 4188 swabs analysed. The percentage of cases per swab therefore remains below 5% ( 4.4 ). In the bulletin of the last 24 hours, 82 cured and discharged patients were also reported, bringing the total number of cures to 23,611. Unfortunately, another five patients gave in to the virus, bringing the total number of deaths to 642. Sixteen of them were health care workers, with 945 health care employees still infected.