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Kenya politicians ask for curfew end

ODM wants to come back to normality

12-08-2021 by redazione

An end to the curfew from 10 pm to 4 am and the main restrictions to return to normal life, given the condition of great attention to the evolution of the pandemic.
These are the requests of a parliamentary group of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), opposition party that in fact collaborates with the Government, to President Uhuru Kenyatta.
As reported by the website "Kenyans", the leader of the minority, John Mbadi, and the MP Mvita, Abdulswamad Nassir, have submitted a motion to the National Assembly, supported by other politicians from their side. The MPs say it is time to change the bans and closures with equally effective but less severe measures to contain the virus because the restrictions have affected several commercial sectors and the economy in general and it is time to allow businesses to return to making profits.
A few days ago, the government allowed matatu and buses to return to being able to carry passengers at full capacity. This could be interpreted as the first of other moves leading towards the full reopening of the country. According to ODM parliamentarians, after the concessions to transport, should follow those to the population, to move freely, travel and work during the night.
It could be hypothesized to close public places, discos and the like, seen as possible hot spots, but at the same time extend to midnight the opening hours of restaurants and other activities to the public.
The ODM at the same time asked that at the same time we should focus on speeding up the process of vaccination, not only allowing all citizens to vaccinate and increasing the places to do so, but urging everyone to make this gesture and offering those who vaccinate more opportunities.
Meanwhile, the Kenya Public Service has issued a directive requiring all public employees to get vaccinated. Those who do not receive at least the first dose by August 31 will face disciplinary action.
The leader of the opposition party and a major ally of Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, said the government must be prepared to face even a new debt in order to have the necessary doses to be able to set up a vaccination campaign that would cover most of the population.
"We should vaccinate a huge number of citizens and open the economy as happened in the United Kingdom - said Odinga - In Kenya for now we have vaccinated only 1 million individuals. No matter how expensive it is to buy the drugs, if we have to take a loan, let's do it."