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Kenya vaccine will come from China

From end of February, no mandatory

02-01-2021 by redazione

Kenya will use the Chinese vaccine of the pharmaceutical company SinoPharm and the first doses could arrive at the end of February, to be administered primarily to health workers, the sick, police and teachers.
This was stated yesterday by the Kenyan Minister of Health Mutahi Kagwe on the sidelines of the customary press conference on Covid-19, which for days has been transmitting worryingly limited data on the pandemic emergency, which in Kenya now seems anything but an emergency.
"From the end of the second week of February - confirmed Kagwe - we should have the Chinese vaccine available. It will not be compulsory to get vaccinated, it will be available to anyone who wants to do so without constraints.
The contours of the operation between Kenya and China are not yet known, but it is assumed that the purchase is very advantageous for the country, given that the British Astra Zeneca had already set a very low price, around 175 shillings per vaccine (less than 1.50 euros).
Meanwhile, the latest numbers for 2020 show that another 11 patients hospitalized with the virus did not make it, and deaths rise to 1681, while the total cases of last year stop at 96,612 with the healed rising to 78,802.
Case rates per swab remain very low, with 3.6% recorded yesterday.
The Government's concern is now focused on the reopening of schools, scheduled for Monday, January 4 and the possibility of multiple contagions that, according to Kenyan health statistics, could endanger especially the lives of teachers, who have long been asking for safety, compensation and controls.