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Kenya wants officials in bar to respect new protocols

New rule proposals by CS Trade, dancing floors to be closed

01-12-2020 by redazione

Proposed new rules for bars, pubs and liquor shops in Kenya.
The Ministry of Commerce has prepared new guidelines for the sale of alcohol, including a requirement for premises to fully comply with virus containment protocols.
Among the requests that will have to be accepted is the request to hire officers to act as liaison with the control bodies, who will act as "askari" to ensure compliance with schedules, social distances, restriction of patrons and other containment measures. They will also be required to report suspected cases of Covid-19 among staff or customers.
The guidelines have been developed by the Ministry together with stakeholders, including the Association of Alcoholic Beverages of Kenya (ABAK), the Pubs Entertainment and Restaurants Association (PERAK) and the Bar Hotels Liquor Traders Association of Kenya (BAHLITA).
"Each establishment must appoint and properly train a Covid-19 liaison officer.
"The liaison officer shall be the point of contact with the Ministry of Health, the Sub-County Liquor Licensing Committee and other operators in the sector - it is written in the draft Protocol - shall be updated on emerging information on health, safety and hygiene and preventive measures related to Covid-19".
A "code of conduct" will also be added to the new regulation, tightening the rules for public premises. The closure of dance floors and daytime discos is also planned.
The designated areas for waiting and collection of goods and customers will have to be spacious to contain the spread of Covid-19.
Bars will also be required to display signs to show that a maximum number of drinkers have been reached within the premises.
According to data from the National Police Service for the first weekend, 60 lives were lost in accidents caused by driving in a state of
"Our government has been very clear and determined," said Trade Minister Betty Maina, "but fulfilment becomes much more problematic as we look ahead to the next critical months of the pandemic. We continue to stress the need to adhere to the protocols of the Ministry of Health in the conduct of activities. The festivities are coming and hopefully with the new year we can start talking about the success of the vaccines, there are great expectations. Consumers and society in general are asking for a final sacrifice from companies and more responsibility. For our part more attention in enforcing protocols, but everything will benefit the country".


The meter must be shielded with a Perspex glass to ensure the protection of the customer and the seller. No participant may sit at the bar counter while consuming any alcoholic beverage.

All retailers of alcoholic beverages must provide a complete hand washing station (with running water, soap and hygienic towels) and/or a disinfectant at the entrance to the establishment for customer use.

Retailers must ensure that all equipment used for handling and/or dispensing alcoholic beverages is disinfected with recommended disinfectants. Common area surfaces must also be regularly cleaned with soap or alcohol-based disinfectants and appropriate disinfection of the premises must be carried out when the establishment is closed.

Appropriate driving signs should be shown on the maximum seating capacity per table and observation of the 1.5 metre distance rule. In addition to signs at the entrance to the venue for the sale of alcohol, the maximum number of participants admitted to the venue at any time should be indicated.

Any physical activity that facilitates physical contact between participants in a liquor store should be discouraged. In addition, alcohol consumption should be restricted to designated areas within the establishment.

The bars are required to keep daily attendance records for all staff members and to encourage employees to self-check the symptoms of Covid-19. If employees present with symptoms of Covid-19, the employer will encourage the employee to stay at home, hygiene measures and quarantine as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. The employer shall also promptly facilitate staff screening to confirm any suspected cases of COVID-19 and ensure that cases are treated humanely, without any form of stigmatisation and in accordance with approved procedures for medical confidentiality of patients. A contact person should be appointed to deal with employees, suppliers and customers on a daily basis or as requested by employees.

Cashless transactions are encouraged to reduce currency management.

All retailers of alcoholic beverages found to be in breach of COVID-19 regulations issued under the Public Health Act Cap 242 assume personal responsibility and enforcement action.

Specific guidelines for operations

All retailers of alcoholic beverages must hold a valid liquor/alcoholic license and register with a trade or association registered and recognised by the Government of Kenya.

Food must not be supplied to customers in shared containers.

Limit the number of participants allowed in an establishment once the premises are full.

Ensure that the facility is well ventilated and follow the protocols established by the Ministry of Health.

Designate a waste disposal container with a yellow coating for the disposal of used personal protective equipment (PPE).

Each facility should set aside an appropriate - Covid19 detention/emergency room for each suspected case of personnel and report to the appropriate authorities. Social distance guidelines

Close the dance floors during this period.

Stagger shifts and rotate staff members to reduce the number of employees in the plant at any time when it is in operation.

Organise staff transport, where possible, to reduce the use of public transport; as well as transport and related documentation for staff leaving after closing time; comply with transport restrictions and guidelines.

Use e-commerce platforms and take advantage of contactless delivery options, minimising contact between customers and couriers. Designate spacious waiting and pick-up areas for couriers and customers

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