Freddie's Corner


Joyland Butchery, Nairobi

18-11-2021 by Freddie del Curatolo

"What are we doing nice today, my friend?"

"Let's sit and look at the butcher's window."

"Sure, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, indeed. We look and talk about an object of our desire, something that would give us pleasure."

"A pleasure we occasionally manage to satisfy...remember the barbecue last Sunday?"

"Good one...I went on for an hour gnawing on that bone. And look at that hanging arrived this morning."

"What a beauty!"

"You see, we are simple people, poor people from the suburbs. But we sit here, in front of our desires, and we talk about them together."

"Not like so many who are only able to shout out their frustrations".

"And complain"

"Yeah. If everyone went back to looking, dreaming and telling their desires, without shame, with the pleasure of finding someone to share with, maybe the world would be better."

"The world maybe not, but a few unhappy people maybe."