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"A trip with us, soon on Diva Donna Magazine"

12-09-2016 by Giovanna Grampa

Fans of TV series of Channel 5 will know as an interpreter of the Carabinieri, Centovetrine, The three roses of Eve, just to name a few. He is Roberto Farnesi, film and television actor, well known to the public, especially women.
And to his charms do not have certainly taken away some tourists present in Aruba Lodge who tried in every way to get an autograph and an extra excitement to tell on their return to Italy.
With him, a photographer of the weekly magazine Diva e Donna, Francesco Baronio, instructed to prepare a report on Kenya's parks to be published in several episodes from the second week of September. Amboseli, Tsavo West and Tsavo East: these are the three realities that will be presented to the magazine readers. A winning combination of a famous actor and equally famous animals of Kenya's parks. A beautiful and healthy advertising for everyone!
But Tsavo East has conquered them, and even if you already hold a good number of beautiful photos, they are looking for other emotions to tell. We put ourselves willingly to them: for us the park is like a second home!
We ask the driver to follow them up to Mikomani, a seasonal river surrounded by palm trees where spring water emerges in the form of elongated fingers. A paradise where often during the dry season drinking from buffalo, giraffes, elephants and sometimes lions.
We stopped in a clearing and receive their welcome by a pride of lions who is going through the dry river from one bank to another, with lots of puppies in tow. And while taking the first pictures, nell'alveo we notice a whitish reflection: lies and half-hidden between the sand and the rocks there is a fragment of a tusk length of about seventy centimeters, dropped there after some fierce fighting between elephants.
Extraordinary emotions in a magical place for the beauty of the landscape: a God's gift to the neophytes of Tsavo park.
Of course the tusk hour after it was delivered to the KWS, not before being caressed with excitement by inexperienced hands touch with ivory.
We greet them advising them to take the path along the Galana River: definitely will open other gorgeous scenery and established himself as an actor Roberto Farnesi will not be difficult to emphasize the beauty of nature films.
We just have to wait until the release of the magazine on newsstands and certainly Kenya and its animals will make you dream so many readers.

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