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Italian tourism in Kenya will not close for low season

Many resorts and restaurants show optimism

18-04-2022 by Freddie del Curatolo

It may be the exorcism of a possible world crisis brought about by the war on the Russian-Ukrainian front, or that of the national elections next August, or more likely the wave of optimism triggered by the return of the desire to travel and enjoy this precarious life as much as possible.
It will be what it will be, as José Feliciano used to sing, but the fact remains that most of the Italian players in the tourism sector on the Kenyan coast have decided not to end their season of hospitality after Easter.
The rains are just around the corner (and it's about time too, after all this heat), and they have already given a sign by "ruining" the last vacationers on Easter day, but at other, slightly more distant gates, the charter company NEOS has reappeared and will resume flights from the end of June, which are already in great demand as we wrote
Some entrepreneurs have therefore wondered if it made sense to close the doors for a couple of months, rather than continue to offer services to both Nairobinos who will continue to attend Malindi, Watamu and Diani during the weekend and the bridge in June for Madaraka Day.
"Our policy has never been to close for the low season - says Roberto Lenzi, owner of the Cristal Bay and 7 Island resorts in Watamu - we have not done so, except in the short period in which we were forced, during the two years of pandemic and even less so now. All the more so since we are preparing to welcome Alpitour tourists back to our facilities as of July 14. Thank God the season has been positive, also thanks to the great appeal of the 7 Island Festival last March. Watamu has certainly benefited greatly in terms of popularity and Paparemo beach is becoming one of the most popular and clicked on beaches in the whole continent".
Malindi is also following this direction and many establishments that usually waited until Easter Monday or a little later to say goodbye to their customers, will remain open continuing to offer their services without any restrictions.
"We decided to opt for continuity - comments Carlo Falco, of Rosada Beach - for the first time our restaurant on Silversand beach will not close in May and June. It's a sign of our desire to always offer something good for the destination and how much we believe in a definitive recovery in the coming months".
Olimpia Club, in the renovated beachfront space in Casuarina, has also decided not only to remain open for lunch and dinner, but to continue with the adaptation of the beach restaurant, with the construction of an open kitchen, in addition to the beach bar and the deejay or live music station. After the reopening last December after a year and a half due to the pandemic, Kilili Baharini not only, as we had announced at the time, has extended the opening period until Easter, but has decided to continue to the bitter end, also thanks to a significant presence of local tourism in these days of celebration. It is the same thought of Maurizio Mogavero of Baby Marrow restaurant that, if not for a short period and for renovations, has not closed even in previous years, and Aldo Menduni of Malindina.
There are also those who would have continued the service, strengthened also by the demands of an international clientele that this year went from the Czech Republic to France, but decided to stop to make further restructuring. "We want to prepare in the best possible way to start a new season that we hope will mark the return of international tourism to the levels left before the pandemic - explains Daniele Tiritò, General Manager of Jacaranda Resort - we will be ready again to welcome customers in all likelihood after the first half of July".

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