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Leonardo in Malindi, event for the entire community

Cohesion, culture and awards by the Italian Embassy

26-08-2019 by Leni Frau

An event that once again demonstrated the cohesion in Malindi between the Kenyan and Italian communities in the name of the father of modern science and technology, the Italian artist and inventor (and much more) Leonardo Da Vinci, whose 500th anniversary is celebrated this year.
Organized by the Italian Embassy in Kenya and with the participation of Ambassador Alberto Pieri, as well as the Ministers of Culture and Health of the County of Kilifi, Maureen Mwangovya and Anisa Omar, "Leonardo in the Land of Inventions" attracted to Kilili Baharini Resort & SPA a hundred Italians, Kenyans and residents of other nationalities.
Starting from the figure of Leonardo, of which were read by Freddie del Curatolo and the curator of the Library of Malindi Doris Kamuye interesting "seer" pieces that illustrate his thinking on Nature, physics, mathematics and inventions, Ambassador Pieri recalled how the versatility of the Italian genius is very relevant, especially in Kenya that abounds in creative, talented and visionary who must be put in a position to express themselves.
"Let's not forget that Leonardo Da Vinci was also a great dreamer - said Pieri - without this propensity would not have been so advanced. The many local artists and creatives can identify with his spirit and give them visibility is one of our goals.
Leonardo is the father of technology, the dream of flight and astrophysics: the Italian-Kenian connection with the Luigi Broglio Space Centre and the IKUNS nano-satellite project, designed by students from Nairobi thanks to Italian know-how, are inevitable. The first female chief engineer of the San Marco di Ngomeni base, Maria Girolamo Daraio, spoke about it, illustrating the path.
The evening had its constructive and exciting moment when the "Leonardo Awards" were presented, awards created by the Italian Institute of Culture for different categories of dreamers, inventors and artists from Malindi and the surrounding area who have put into practice the dictates of Leonardo.
Salim Khan, an engineer graduated in England, produces paper with any waste product of Nature, from banana leaves and baobab, to onion skins and even the stool of elephants.
Francis Tsuma is a refined designer who makes chandeliers and accessories of all kinds (bags, bracelets) by recycling the plastic of the bottles. A group of girls from Sandpiper International school, led by Professor Parmar, has transformed any type of waste present in the school structure (bottles, cans, rolls of toilet paper) into objects of daily use. So the egg box becomes a carrier, the clarified butter can becomes a wine cooler and the CDs are used to make original candle holders. Bringing the logic of reuse to schools is one of the objectives for which we at with the Progress Welfare Association of Malindi are spending ourselves.
PWAM, in the person of its president Kate Mwikali, has been awarded by the Ambassador of Italy in Kenya for the monthly Clean Up initiative started six months ago and aimed at separate collection and recycling to make Malindi shine as twenty years ago when it was the cleanest and most attractive town in Kenya.
A well coordinated and successful evening that ended with a refreshment offered to all participants by the Embassy of Italy in Kenya.
"It is not the first and many others will follow - concluded Pieri - Malindi deserves our attention and the unity of intent with the community and local institutions will lead us to collaborate even more willingly.

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